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Inkspace Output Reolution?

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Inkspace Output Reolution?

Postby NigeCrooks » Wed 15. Feb 2017, 23:02

Hi all,

I'm trying to import some text from my Bamboo Slate in Photoshop so I can recolour the background. However it's only coming in at 78dpi so the text retains some white around it and looks rubbish.

Is it possible to increase the output dpi to avoid this problem? Or is there another way?

Any help greatly appreciated :)

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Re: Inkspace Output Reolution?

Postby wacom1 » Fri 17. Feb 2017, 07:47

Bamboo Slate is recording data in WILL (vector format). When you convert vector data it can basically have any resolution. If you convert to a bitmap format (JPG, PNG, PSD), I think the software converts to the paper size of your device (A5/A4). - I Photoshop you can change image size of imported pictures and (menu -> image size, resample DPI). - If not happy with result, export to SVG (vector format) and import that into Photoshop, that allows to rasterize the image to the desired file size and DPI for printing.

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