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Bamboo Paper App on SurfacePro4 issue

Posted: Sun 8. Jan 2017, 20:31
by beckisback
Hello all!

I've purchased Bamboo Paper app for my Surface pro and it's amazing but I've got a small issue with it. Also bought Writer add-on and there's a vertical and horizontal notebook and that's what I've got my problem with. When I choose horizontal lines notebook it shows ok when tablet is in horizontal position:

but when I switch tablet to vertical position, lines become vertical:


Not sure how to explain this issue in other way. Hope images show it all.

It's an amazing piece of software and that one notebook style is the one I need the most.
Please help...

Re: Bamboo Paper App on SurfacePro4 issue

Posted: Mon 9. Jan 2017, 08:45
by wacom1
The program works like this in fullscreen mode, but you can also use Bamboo Paper in windowed mode, then the background is rotated together with the tablet.