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Inkspace Web won't show notes

Posted: Tue 29. May 2018, 10:02
by juutis
Hi, When I sync Bamboo Slate with App, they show up nicely on the iphone and everything seems to work until this point.
However, when notes are synced to Inkspace Web, I see only empty files there. App stream shows emty thumbnails with three lines. If I duplicate and edit I can edit original file ok, after saving them, thumbs are blank also in the Web stream.
I can't export nothing from Web Inkspace as they become only blanks.

Yes, I can export nice with phone, but when you sketch 50-100 small things, you would like to export them all at once, and that you can do only in the web.

What should I do? Or am I missing something?

And what are Tags good for, if you can't rename original (or copies as that is the only thing where you can rename anything) files with them? Tags doesn't appear in files metadata either, so you can't use them outside Inkspace.

I really like Bamboo and it's idea, but handling files is horrible.

Why can't we export them all to the computer, it would make everyones life much easier.

Re: Inkspace Web won't show notes

Posted: Wed 30. May 2018, 08:00
by wacom1
Please try a different browser for accessing the web portal. If the files are synced you should be able to see and access them from other machines. Preview in the browser may not always be ok. If the problem remains, report it to Wacom customer support.

Re: Inkspace Web won't show notes

Posted: Wed 30. May 2018, 09:11
by juutis
Thanks, that was the very first thing what I tried. I even emptied all cache from browsers. Today when I tried IExplorer, all thmubs was generated one by one after new login to web Inskspace. It took some time but now they are all there. Very strange.

Re: Inkspace Web won't show notes

Posted: Wed 30. May 2018, 09:36
by juutis
Is it possible to attach Tags to file metadata when exporting, this should not be very difficult to code.
Lots of people work with metadata. You can organize and find right files much easier, you can create captions from metadata in InDesign etc.

In our case, there is three different artist, who sketch up pictures.

Earlier they scanned drawings and changed filenames to model names and sent files to me. I created metadata from filename with Adobe Bridge script and worked with those files.

Now we wish to do this much easier.
Every drawn model has unique names that they write to pages with hastag.
I export all drawings/notes with Tags in metadata. I can rename files afterwork with metadata script, thats easy to do if Inkspace can't rename original files.

Without attaching Tags to files, I have to open every exported file separately and check what's it's name is and rename them one by one and attach metadata after renaming. I'm not so happy with this.