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Wacom server availability

Posted: Sat 29. Dec 2018, 16:11
by MaxMustermann
Dear Sirs,

I find it quite strange that in my christmas holidays I have difficulty loading the page to download drivers or login to
I keep getting the "Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable."
Perhaps it would be great if the server internet line would be switsched from dial-up to fiber, otherwise the service is not available around the globe.

Other than that, keep doing the great job in hardware. This is what you have been doing great in the last 30 years.

Best Regards

Re: Wacom server availability

Posted: Wed 2. Jan 2019, 10:05
by wacom5
We are sorry for this. Due to the higher amount of access requests, the website became temporarily unavailable. The page and the registration should be working normally now.
Thank you for your feedback and kind words.