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Sync problem with Bamboo Spark Inkspace app

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Sync problem with Bamboo Spark Inkspace app

Postby mosheC2017 » Wed 25. Jan 2017, 05:50

I have been using the Bamboo Spark for about 6 months. The way I use it is by takin notes all day long, at lectures. When back at home, the sync works, but misses pages. Somtimes many pages. I tried several ways to take nores. 1 take note on a page, then press the page botton and initiate a new page and so on. Then I tried to write a long note, and then split it in pages. But it missed syncing the note. Customer support only suggested reseting, which I did, but no avail. I use the Inkspace app in android.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Sync problem with Bamboo Spark Inkspace app

Postby wacom1 » Wed 25. Jan 2017, 07:59

If you have Android 6, make sure to turn On 'location based services'. There is a known bug in Android, whether Bluetooth connections intermittently stop, don't see a BT devices etc. This could cause such a sync problem as well.

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