NEW tablet driver 6.3.23-3 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Fixed: Problem mit modifiers on keyboard in combination with pentip, accidential double-clicks etc.

New version for for Windows 6.3.23-1: Fixed various problems - zooming with expresskeys, 'driver not responding' error message and others.

For more details see the driver release notes on the driver download page.

Note: All users seeing wavy lines using a Wacom Pro Pen 2 with Wacom Cintiq Pro 13” or 16”, please update the tablet pen firmware to version to address this issue. The update is now available via the Wacom Desktop Center application on your computer.
There is now also such a firmware update for MobileStudio Pro for this issue.

Sync problem with Bamboo Spark Inkspace app

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Re: Sync problem with Bamboo Spark Inkspace app

Postby wacom1 » Wed 12. Jul 2017, 12:42

If data gets lost in the transfer from a Spark to the Inkspace Up, something is not ok with that unit - perhaps some bad memory chip. It is not normal. If you see this, contact technical support to get the unit repaired or exchanged.

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Re: Sync problem with Bamboo Spark Inkspace app

Postby iilvlii » Tue 18. Jul 2017, 21:15

I confirm that I also loose some pages during synchronization from time to time. According to my observations the pages may be lost just after they are downloaded. I can remember that I saw some downloaded pages for very short time (less than a second), and then they disappeared. Once I downloaded 4 pages and everything was fine. Then I merged these pages, and all disappeared (this made me really angry). So, maybe the problem is not in the synchronization itself, but in the android app quality (nevertheless, entire system doesn't work as expected, which made it rather useless).

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