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Support Emails

Posted: Mon 13. Mar 2017, 14:37
by Rockfax
Do Wacom respond to support emails?

I have numerous problems with my Wacom mouse and pen (which I have posted about on these forums) and sent two support emails but not had anything other than the automated responses.

It would be useful to know if sending these emails is a waste of time.

Re: Support Emails

Posted: Fri 31. Mar 2017, 12:30
by wacom1
After sending an email to support, you should get a confirmation email and Case number. So you know that we have received it. Normally emails should be answered in 1-2 days (excluding weekends, public holidays etc), but sometimes it takes a bit longer.

Re: Support Emails

Posted: Fri 31. Mar 2017, 12:36
by Rockfax
Thank you. I did send to support emails without reply for a couple for weeks but, after posting this thread, I got a reply and have had a useful correspondence with someone from Wacom support since then.