Adobe Animate Eraser problem

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Adobe Animate Eraser problem

Postby AgrisCaurs » Sat 21. Nov 2020, 14:35


I'm having a problem while I erase with pressure turned on. When I lift my pen from tablet surface pressure goes to max and deletes a big blob.
Happens maybe 20% of the time. But still annoying. I have tried reinstalling drivers (from scratch by using App Cleaner app). Issue still persists.
I made a screen record to illustrate the problem : ...

Other problem is - I assigned eraser to one of buttons on my pen, but it doesn't work unfortunately. While erasing with pen's other side works. (still talking about Adobe Animate)

The problem is there for a quite long time. I've gone through many Adobe Animate & Wacom driver updates, but it's still there.

Don't know if this is Adobe or Wacom problem. I've asked this on Adobe forum as well.

My current specs:
Mac OS 10.15.6 (catalina)
Cintiq 16 (6.3.41-2)
Adobe Animate 21.0


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