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Forum will not activate GMAIL accounts

Posted: Wed 27. Jan 2021, 16:10
by helpmeplease
Your forum does not send activation email to gmail ( accounts.
They are not going into spam folders, they simply aren't getting through at all. These emails are going to disposable accounts within 3 seconds. Several attempts to gmail accounts over several days have failed (if it's any help fixing this the gmail account has a full stop in the middle of the username section).

Somewhere in this process there was a note to "contact board administrators" if you aren't getting this mail, there is no way to do this without an account, and having created this account to try and do so, all admin and moderator entries under "The team" have no contact method listed.

Wacom support offers no option to submit queries about the forum.

I had to use a disposable email address to register to try and get help, gmail is estimated to have roughly 1.8 billion users (source ) so this should be fixed, please.

Re: Forum will not activate GMAIL accounts

Posted: Wed 3. Feb 2021, 08:47
by wacom5
We tested and gmail seems to be working just fine. Can you try again?