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Is intuos type digitizer tablets becoming unpopular over Cintiq types

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Joined: Wed 24. Jun 2020, 09:50

Is intuos type digitizer tablets becoming unpopular over Cintiq types

Postby PRSS2K » Wed 24. Jun 2020, 10:31

Hello all,
I am pretty new to this forum, even though I have been using a Wacom Grphire 4 Tablet since the last 10 years. Yes it is working on Windows 7 & 8 computers too with Vista/7 drivers ! Working fine with Artrage, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop CS2 etc etc...

I was just looking out for a new Intuos tablet, (thinking of buying a new Windows 10 computer) visiting Wacom Website after a very long time. Even though Intuos is still offered, I see a number of Cintiq tablets - pen computers and pen displays. And in Instagram ads, they seem to be promoting the pen displays and pen computers. I saw a few YouTube videos too saying because of the difficulty with many people to get used to NOT to look at the Pen tablet but look at the screen, , younger artists or serious beginners wished to go for Pen computers and pen displays. Especially after iPad Pro with Apple Pencil became popular, and laptops like Microsoft Surface Pro, HP 2-in-1 with pen etc., the tendency towards buying Intuos type pen tablets dwindled, what they say in YouTube videos.

I too have an Apple iPad Pro 2017 model 12.9 inch 512 GB with Apple Pencil 1st Gen.

But in spite of it, I still seem to prefer my old Wacom Graphire 4 pen tablet, because I am able to work on a 27 inch or 32 inch display, which gives me a feel of working on a large canvas - instead of constantly keep zooming in and out on my iPad Pro.

Out of curiosity, I am asking this. Are Intuos type pen tablets are on the way out ? Becoming obsolete ?
Are there less artists now working with Intuos type pen tablets and are they dwindling in number ?

Would it be wise at this point of time, for me now to invest on an Intuos Pro ? Or stick with Apple iPad pro and get used with zooming ion and out ?

I would very much appreciate and value the replies I receive from senior members of this August Forum.

I am quite confused. (BTW, I am an architect by profession and serious hobbyist as an artist)

Thanks in advance
Best regards

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