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wacom and Imac crashing

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wacom and Imac crashing

Postby tonkoene » Sun 3. Jan 2021, 20:14


I have a compatibility problem between my new iMAC retina 5 k, 27 inch, intel core i7, big sur, with AMD radeon pro 5500 XT videocard, bought new in oct 2020) and my 2 years old Wacom cintiq 24 pro PT. The computer keeps on crashing on irregular intervals since I bought the computer

(note that the wacom tablet ran without any problems on my previous iMAC (5 years old catalina) but the new iMAC is crashing, sometimes after 5 min, sometimes after 20 minutes. Both screens turn black. Also important to know is that it only crashes when I use Photoshop 2020 (official and legal subscription of adobe PS) and only when I use the wacom. If I use adobe PS on the iMAC without the wacom, the computer works well without crashing.

What I did so far:

- Wacom support sent the wacom tablet to the service unit in Germany and the main control PCB was replaced. Wacom says the table is as good as new.

- Ran the wacom on a different computer (macbook , 5 years old, catalina) and both devices run well without crashing.

- Apple support says that the problem can not be in the iMAC as PS runs well without the wacom tablet.

- I deleted and reinstalled that latest wacom driver, reinstalled PS again.

- Emptied completely the new iMAC and reinstalled the entire latest apple software. Only installed the wacom driver and PS software. No other apps or possibile conflicting software.

- Replaced the cable (original apple thunderbolt 3-usb-c) twice.

I am not sure whether the problem is in the iMAC or in the wacom tablet or that there is just a compatibility problem between the two devices. Fact is that all equipment is brand new, cables and software are good quality and bought on legal basis (e.g. no illegal PS software). It continues a big mistery but it keeps me from doing my drawing work which is extremely frustrating and annoying. Anybody had similar problems? I would appreciate any advice in this. Thanks a lot.

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Re: wacom and Imac crashing

Postby wacom5 » Tue 5. Jan 2021, 12:08

We would need to look at the crash logs to understand what is happening. Can you please contact the customer support team? It might also help to send these logs to Apple. Even if they say this is not an OS issue looking at the logs from their side might help understand what causes the issue.
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