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MSP 16 with Power Bank

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Re: MSP 16 with Power Bank

Postby Bilboudo » Wed 19. Apr 2017, 16:44

I've purchased this power bank:
https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B01LZX ... UTF8&psc=1

I've connected it to the MSP with its cables and adapters; it normally don't work, but happened three times that totally occasionally it recognize the power bank and goes to charge.
After that I doesn't be anymore able to repeat the "miracle".

Isn't it possible that this power bank could work with MPS in some way?

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Re: MSP 16 with Power Bank

Postby xLunaPx » Thu 27. Apr 2017, 19:20

Updated on this, the Anker Did work time to time for me but slow as hell so I apologize for rushing to add that last time.

I wanted to update this and point out that since this device uses USB PD (power delivery), and since there are 5 profiles the Wacom MSP utilize Profile 5 which is the highest. It requires 20V 5A output @ up to 100W, currently there aren't any power banks out there that support this however I came across this https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/life ... -powerbank which supports USB-C with PD @ 100W and 20V/5A @ 27000 mah which is still acceptable for TSA travel, its not due out till november, however based on multiple discussions with Wacom and the actual requirements this would more than match whats needed to charge the device. I'm committing to it so will probably update once it releases in november.

This is accurate information, so it'll be a bit but can't wait to post results!

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Re: MSP 16 with Power Bank

Postby Bilboudo » Thu 27. Apr 2017, 20:34

I've purchased and testing right now this model of power bank:

https://www.amazon.it/RAVPower-Caricato ... X8F6R37E3C

The trick is that it has an AC output 100W to which plug directly the power brick of the MSP, in order to bypass any USB-C profile and any compatibility.

And it works! I would like the power bank was more than 27000 mAh, but I tested to charge my MSP 13" while I'm using it with Photoshop and display light to 25% (with 100% or 75% the power bank goes in block due the too much energy demanded by the MSP): it charged the MSP from 10% of battery to 91% before to exhaust in about 1h and 30 minutes.
Now I'm trying to charge again the MSP but this time in stand-by, just to see if the less expense of energy allow a complete charge.

I'll keep you posted.

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Re: MSP 16 with Power Bank

Postby sarafarahi » Sat 31. Aug 2019, 03:54

hi.. this is correct.. but i think xiaomi power banks is very amazing..
I recommend the 2c model... xiaomi products are high quality and this power bank price is very Affordable..
energizer power bank is too very good.. if you buy energizer power bank i recommend the UE20022 model

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