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Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire - can't open Pen Tablet Properties anymore (Win 10)

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Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire - can't open Pen Tablet Properties anymore (Win 10)

Postby MaxKopfraum » Thu 18. May 2017, 12:13

I know the Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire is an old tablet but it always used to work like a charm even though Wacom doesn't seem to support it anymore.
I've been using my Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire on Win 8 and Win 10 without any problems until this Monday (I have no idea what has changed). I always had some trouble with Win 10 recognizing it after the Creators Update but all I had to do was unplug it and plug it in again and it would instantly work. Now it wouldn't work anymore. I've reinstalled it and I also got it to work but I can't open the Pen Tablet Properties under Control Panel. If I click on it nothing happens at all. Is Windows probably blocking it because of some security reasons? I get no message or anything. Just a blue loading circle for 2 seconds, it disappears and that's it.

I've read
In Device Manager right click on the Graphire device(s) and uninstall them. Be sure to check the box(es) to remove the driver(s).

but nothing shows up there. I don't find any Graphire devices under the Device manager.

Since Wacom doesn't support the tablet anymore this is the driver I have used.
I also get the tablet to work with it but since I also use the mouse and I can't open the Pen Tablet Properties anymore the mouse is VERY VERY slow. It always used to be slow and I had to set it to max speed. Without Pen Tablet Properties I can't change the speed.

The site above also states
4 Find your Wacom USB Touch device in the list and press double click on the hidclass device. Click Reinstall driver button.
what I find under Human Interface Devices is:
Wacom HID Digitizer
Wacom HID Pen
Wacom Virtual Hid Driver
I am not exactly sure what is what and what I should do with each of those 3.

Any idea?

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Re: Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire - can't open Pen Tablet Properties anymore (Win 10)

Postby wacom1 » Fri 19. May 2017, 07:15

The CTE-430 or Graphire3 is more than 12 years old, so we don't run anymore tests for that or update the drivers. Last working version should be 5.25. - This model should work in mouse mode, if no tablet driver is installed. - It seems that the last Win10 update affects the driver start procedure. If is doesn't work directly: a) unplug and replug the cable, b) if that is not enough, reset the driver (Start menu -> (Pen) Tablet or Bamboo -> Tablet prefs utility -> Remove settings for all users.) That resets and restarts the driver.

If that still doesn't work: Unplug the tablet, uninstall the driver (through control panel programs and features), restart Windows, check in device manger and remove and remaining Wacom related entries. If there is an HID Compliant mouse: open properties and remove the entry if Wacom is mentioned. Then attach the tablet. It should be detected as HID and work in mouse mode. Then install the driver.

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Re: Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire - can't open Pen Tablet Properties anymore (Win 10)

Postby MaxKopfraum » Fri 19. May 2017, 12:31

Thanks a lot for your reply and help. I did a google search for "wacom 5.25 driver" but I wouldn't find anything. Do you happe to have a link where I can download that one?
After all I've got a working driver - cons521-6_int.exe
which I got from here ... 13540.html
but like I said I can not open the Pen Properties. I know the "Remove all settings for all users" feature. Already found that "solution" in a Youtube video. My old driver doesn't have any user features that can be removed or the "Wacom Tablet Properties" which has that remove button (or the Wacom Desktop Center).

Haha I know that it is more than 12 years old. I also own a way more recant Wacom but I think the more recant one is no match at old with my old one and the new ones don't seem to have a mouse.

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Re: Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire - can't open Pen Tablet Properties anymore (Win 10)

Postby Andie13 » Tue 27. Feb 2018, 01:01

I got my CTE 630 and ET 0405U fully working under Win 10x64, my CTE 430 did not start under 630's driver but I am dead set on making it work. Will keep you updated. ;)

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