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Can't uninstall drivers

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Can't uninstall drivers

Postby kiwiisecho » Mon 21. Aug 2017, 08:43

Hi I have a wacom intuos small (CTL-480) and I've recently upgraded and I want to uninstall ALL of wacom's drivers on my laptop (i'm using a windows 10 system) I've run into so many problems. First of all when going to the control panel to uninstall, it wouldn't let me saying something like "(folder/file) can't be found please make sure to type it correctly". After an hour of tweaking around I tried again but this time the [Wacom] program didn't show up in the list of programs so I thought maybe it was gone. I noticed there was still this "wacomtablet fb plugins" to I uninstalled them as well.

I tried installing my new tablet's drivers however it told me that another tablet driver was still on my system. I didn't know what else to do so I went into the file explorer and deleted everything I could find relating to wacom. All that's left is a folder named "Tablet" in C:\Program Files that I have tried deleting SO many times but it keeps telling me that the action cannot be completed because the fie/folder is in use. I plugged in my old tablet again and even after everything, it still works perfectly?? Pen pressure and everything?? And I'm just so confused because I thought I deleted the drivers because thy don't show up in programs and features anymore.

It's been around 3 hours and I simply do not know what to do anymore and it's very frustrating. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Re: Can't uninstall drivers

Postby wacom1 » Tue 22. Aug 2017, 06:34

To uninstall the driver, unplug the tablet, go to Control panel 'Programs and Feautures', search for 'Wacom', 'Tablet', 'PenTablet', 'Bamboo' and uninstall all that you find. Then restart Windows. Next go to device manager and check for any remaining entries refering to 'Wacom'. If there is an 'HID Compliant Mouse' entry (with capital 'C') in the mouse and devices section and the properties have a Wacom reference, delete that as well. If there are entries for 'HID-complient digitizer' or 'HID-compliant pen' under Human Interface Devices, they should have disappeared if not tablet is attached.

That should normally remove evrything. But you can still look for a \Program Files\Tablet and \Program Files\TabletPlugins folder to delete and for wintab*.* files in \Windows\SYSTEM32 and SYSWOW64

Then restart and install the new driver. If it fails again, we would have to check in the installation logfile C:\Program Files\Tablet\Wacom\install.log for the details.

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