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Postby shiritan » Fri 25. Aug 2017, 07:55

Wacom, please hear me out.

I am a loyal customer at Wacom for almost 3 years now, and I recently bought your product (Model number: PTH-660) which is the newest Intuos Pro that comes with the new Pro Pen 2.

I was so happy at the fact that, I finally bought one of my dream products to have from my favorite pen tablet company. Well, last week that is.

I was installing the driver (6.3.23-1) and the installation was a complete success - or so I thought.

I am a Windows 8 user, and I have repeated the setup process four times, but the driver doesn't let me have any pen pressure on ANY drawing software.

For all I know, the tablet I bought was working fine - nothing wrong. My laptop's only 3 years old, and the RAM was replaced months ago. The tablet was recognized by my laptop - so there's basically nothing wrong with the product I bought - or the equipment I use.

PLEASE FIX YOUR DRIVERS, THE INTUOS WAS EXPENSIVE. Please be responsible enough to fix every issue for every OS out there! Your customers are trying to be faithful to this company - so please, pretty please, do what you have to do, Wacom!


Shiri Tan

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Postby wacom1 » Mon 28. Aug 2017, 07:22

First go to the Wacom Desktop Center, check that the tablet is detected and you can open Tablet properties panel. Go to Pen settings and try the pen under Pen tip feel, or in the driver diagnostics under About. Verify that pen pressure is detected fine, so we can exclude a problem with the hardware. - If ok, go to you application software. Not all programs support pressure, for some programs pressure needs to be activated in some way. The exact procedure depends on the application.

For example, in Photoshop go to pen palette, enable 'shape dynamics' and then select a brush with pressure support. For older versions of Photoshop turn off the 'use Windows Ink' setting in the driver. For newer PS versions Windows Ink should be active.

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