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Sunix UPD2018 experience (4K Capable USB-C PCI-E card)

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Sunix UPD2018 experience (4K Capable USB-C PCI-E card)

Postby deltahotel » Wed 9. Aug 2017, 00:22


just wanted to share my experience with the USB-C extension card from Sunix (UPD2018), maybe some people might find it useful.

Personally for me I wanted to get rid of the cable mess with the included Wacom-Link:

+ Powercable (USBC)
+ USB to PC
+ DisplayPort to WacomLink
+ USB-C to Wacom

...and I actually found a working solution (for me), a USB-C extension card for the PC that supports USB-C with DisplayPort (alternate mode)

USB 3.1 10G & DisplayPort Alt-Mode PCI Express Host Card with Dual USB Type-C Receptacles


After some back and forth with their support (the card was not available in my country and Amazon didn't allow shipping to here either)
they sorted it out and I could buy the card directly from them (as a private customer!).
Their support contact is awesome (EU contact) and I am so happy how everything turned out.

Installation is easy, all you need is a free PCI-E slot (yes, PCI Express, not a regular PCI slot),
connect the (included!!!!) DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable to the card and your graphicscard (Nvidia GTX970)

Windows 10 didn't need the drivers, can't speak about other operating systems.

However you cannot power the Cintiq with it. It seems to be around USB-C Profile 4, but is more likely to be limited by the PSU of your system.
But that's fine, so I have one stationary USB-C(*) cable for the USB/DP functionality from the Workstation-Tower to the Cintiq and a 'portable' setup for the Power-Supply.

So far everything works (5 days in use), with the nice side effect that the occasionally disconnects and reset-to-2K issues entirely disappeared!
(The only issues for me that remain are the missing stand and the crashing/restarting windows service)

(*) USB-C Cables... have fun looking for a cable that is long enough and supports DisplayPort.. I couldn't find one..
Amazon is clogged with Charger-Only cables and many of them don't even state so and advertise using 'USB-IF 3.1' Certification...

BUT: A Thunderbolt 3 Cable is fully compatible to USB-C, and a USB-C Cable "can" (or cannot) be compatible to Thunderbolt 3 (seeing all those charger-only cables.. no surprise why...)
So I picked a 2meter Thunderbold 3 cable from Cable Matters. (Aamazon, https://www.amazon.com/USB-IF-Certified-Cable-Matters-Thunderbolt/dp/B01AS8U7GU) and it just works.

To actually get 4K on the Cintiq, besides replacing the shipped DisplayPort cable... your graphics card also needs to support it, not all cards do have 4K support and it also might be that you're running out of available multi-monitor options (i.e. max 2 displays.. and such..)

For Nvidia: https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus

Hope some people might if find helpful, as there were some open discussions for the MSP and the Sunix UPD2018 card on the other forum.


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Re: Sunix UPD2018 experience (4K Capable USB-C PCI-E card)

Postby wacom4 » Wed 9. Aug 2017, 08:08

Thanks a lot for the review!!
And: always keep in mind to use the upper left USB-C on the Cintiq for 4k :)

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Re: Sunix UPD2018 experience (4K Capable USB-C PCI-E card)

Postby fusioneer » Sat 2. Sep 2017, 22:03

There's my experience with 4K:
Bought miniDP to DP cable along with Cintiq 16. Was able to get only 2560x1440@60 with it via Wacom Link. Switching tablet on/off didn't help either as adding custom 4K resolution to Nvidia drivers.
Saw this thread and thought "that should work". Received UPD2018 card, installed and connected it to upper left USB-C on Cintiq with Wacom supplied USB-C cable, but now resolution list is limited to 1920x1080. Adding 2560x1440 nor 3840x2160 as a custom resolution doesn't help: just getting "No signal" message on Cintiq, while pen and touch work perfectly.
Using windows 7 and GTX 970, all drivers and firmwares updated.
Does somebody have idea what is wrong here? Or should I try this in Windows 10?

wacom4, can I send some logs, or whatever debug info to help you pinpoint problems with 4K?

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Re: Sunix UPD2018 experience (4K Capable USB-C PCI-E card)

Postby fusioneer » Mon 4. Sep 2017, 15:30

After some days of fiddling with drivers, graphic card firmwares, video output settings got it working.
Should have tried to switch to other DP port on graphic card in the first place, because for some strange reason 4K works only on 2 out of 3 DP ports.
But it works via both UPD2018 and Wacom-Link.

Also should warn anyone to be extra cautious with gigabyte graphic card firmwares, as some of them flash themselves to the card without a warning or confirmation, immediately after execution. Spend 4 hours that way, searching how to roll it back.

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Re: Sunix UPD2018 experience (4K Capable USB-C PCI-E card)

Postby gillou19 » Fri 29. Sep 2017, 11:28


I bought the sunix but i'm still stuck to 2560.
I have win10 with a gtx680 ( supposed to support up to 4096 ) on the DP.
I used the usb c provided by wacom, should I buy the thunderbolt ??

I don't know what to do next .


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