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Intuos Pro Top Button and other issues

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Intuos Pro Top Button and other issues

Postby mhummelt » Fri 22. Sep 2017, 10:16

Hi, I've searched for a while but couldn't find any solution to some problems with my new Intuos pro M.

My main issue is the top button (right handed set up) which keeps ignoring its setting.
Whenever I click this button, it opens/closes and reopens the Wacom Dektop Center, sometimes instead of doing what I set it to (for example: switch Desktop), sometimes it does both. I even tried setting it on "Deactivated" and it still keeps opening the Desktop Center.

Does anyone have an idea of how to turn this off?

My second issue is with the bluetooth mode. It sometimes works smoothly for a few minutes, but most times it's super laggy and thus not useable.
It's not a feature something I really need, but it would be nice if this would work as it's supposed to.

My third issue, again nothing important, but nice to have/try out, is with the touch function. I can use gestures and all, but I can't "click and hold" for example to highlight a section of text or draw something in Photoshop. I found the option to add another click with the "click second finger" which can be used for this but is highly impractical as it requires a second hand and the tablet keeps confusing me wanting to click and hold with zooming in and out etc. Sometimes it just doesn't respond to the second touch.
As the touch function seems to resemble a normal touchpad, I expected this to work like it does with the pen in Mouse mode, where I quickly tap again and hold to get a "click and hold".

I hope it's clear what I am trying to explain :)

I did install the newest driver and software updates yesterday. However the Software update for the Bluetooth function took around 12 hours to finish, which seems fairly odd.

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Re: Intuos Pro Top Button and other issues

Postby wacom1 » Fri 22. Sep 2017, 13:20

Open Wacom Desktop Center and click on 'Expresskey settings'. That should open tablet properties panel with 'functions' selected. Make sure that in the application list 'All' or 'All others' is selected. Activate 'show Expresskey view'. Then check the button setting. If set to deactive, it shouldn't do anything unless one of the applications in the app list is active and has a different setting for the button.

When you have changed tablet orientation to 'Expresskeys Right', the button for 'show Wacom Desktop Center' is now a different physical button - still the top (right) button, but before that button was 'pan/scroll'.

If that is not working as planned: You are using which version of operating system and which driver version ?

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