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Wacom, give me a tutorial! Pressure sensitivity and windows ink

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Wacom, give me a tutorial! Pressure sensitivity and windows ink

Postby Sandraks » Sun 3. Dec 2017, 12:21

Dear Wacom,

WHY aren't you fixing this? I'm getting so fed up dealing with all the problems between wacom + windows ink + adobe. I've been watching youtube videos and scrolling trough forums for an entire week trying to figure out why my tablet isn't working as it should. It shouldn't be necessary to do this every time I plug my wacom tablet on a new device.
I still haven't figured out why my brush lags. Works fine in one computer. Works like shit in another computer.
I've been creating PSUserConfig files, turning on and off windows ink, downloading drivers, messing around in wacom settings. I have no idea how I managed to fix my problems on my previous computer. It's just random luck.
I know that in the wacom tablet settings there is a button that tells "turn off windows ink". Well, unchecking it doesn't do sh**. Just turns off my pressure sensitivity. Creating PSUserConfig files doesn't do Sh**. If I manage to fix one problem, another one appears. I'm lost!

I have students with expensive Cintiq tablets painting in photoshop with NO pressure sensitivity on their brushes. Because they don't know how to fix it. They aren't computer experts. Their brushes lags and they have all kinds of problems. Some students think the tablets are supposed to be that way. Since I'm the teacher I should be able to teach them how to fix this. But I don't even know how to to fix my own tablet!!

So, Wacom, where can I find the best tutorial on how to set up my wacom so it works as it should? Please give me a link. Which I can also send to my students. Cause I'm SO fed up right now.

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Re: Wacom, give me a tutorial! Pressure sensitivity and windows ink

Postby wacom1 » Mon 4. Dec 2017, 09:01

The tablet driver provides information to application software on in 3 ways: a) moving the screen pointer through mouse and touch events in the operating system, b) providing tablet information and pressure through Windows Ink, c) providing tablet info and pressure through the Wintab API.
It is up to the application software, which tablet info channel is used. - (There are also extra channels handling touch gesture recognition.)

The older method for pressure (used for 20+ years in Adobe software) is Wintab, in recent year Adobe switched that to use Microsofts Windows Ink instead. With Windows Ink enabled you can 'press and hold' the pen at one spot for a moment until you see a ring around the pointer. Releasing the pen at this point normally issues a rightclick and shows a menu. That is a quick test showing whether Windows Ink is enabled.

Adobe has worked with MS for using Windows Ink in the newer Photoshop CC versions - that is independent of Wacom and working on non Wacom hardware. This implies also, that any problems with using Windows Ink are independant of the Wacom driver and cannot be fixed by any Wacom driver changes. Apparently the Win10 Fall Creators Update introduced several changes in Windows Ink handling. These show also on non-Wacom handware and we have no influence on that. - Pressure handling through Windows Ink involves Adobe and MS, but not Wacom. I hope, MS will sort out the problems, perhaps allow more configurations options for the new side effects (scrolling etc).

Our advice for the moment is turning off 'use Windows Ink' and using the PSUserConfig method to tell Photoshop, that it should use Wintab instead of Windows Ink. Then start PS using the pen, go to the brush palette and enable 'shape dynamics', then select a brush with pressure enabled parameter settings.

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Re: Wacom, give me a tutorial! Pressure sensitivity and windows ink

Postby dwindleflip » Wed 6. Dec 2017, 04:23

So wacom on Windows is useless basically until the next spring windows update? I suggest you put some pressure von Microsoft and adobe to fix this asap. Frankly my surface pro does not have these problems

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