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Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth lag

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Re: Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth lag

Postby darius » Thu 21. Dec 2017, 00:31

Are we going to receive answer from Wacom this year?

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Re: Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth lag

Postby SamR2D2 » Thu 4. Jan 2018, 18:15

darius wrote:Are we going to receive answer from Wacom this year?

Apparently not.

Another Intuos Pro M (pth-660) user here with the same problem (among many others like the problematic drivers and difficulty in establishing bluetooth connection with ease). I didn't expect this sort of behavior from Wacom, a lot of users face so many weird issues and that too after paying a hefty prremium for these devices.
I wonder which business model are they following?

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Re: Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth lag

Postby wacom1 » Tue 9. Jan 2018, 11:17

The driver has a setting (under options) for 'tablet brightness', which refers to all tablet LEDs including corner marks. We recommend not to turn off the LEDs completely, otherwise you don't see it switched On/Off or pairing. - I have no info about Bluetooth connection interference from other devices. Be aware that BT and Wifi operate on 2.4GHz band and USB3 ports can send interference on the same frequency. With more interfering devices the signal quality is reduced and the driver may need to filter more 'bad' data packages. Best option is avoiding such interferences.

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Re: Intous Pro 2017 (PTH-660) Bluetooth lag

Postby Pixelkobold » Mon 19. Feb 2018, 12:53

Same Problem here since I have that PTH-660

I wrote with Wacom support several times and did try every hint they provided to me.
But to no avail, using bluetooth is sluggish (on three completely different PCs) only USB connection does function perfectly.

Its really annoying, paying so much money for a device which does not function properly as it should.

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