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wacom stand

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Re: wacom stand

Postby wacom1 » Thu 1. Feb 2018, 10:46

That is correct - the stand fits for MSP 13" as well as the 16" version. (It is not compatible with the Cintiq Pro tablets).

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Re: wacom stand

Postby amandak » Sun 4. Feb 2018, 04:58

Is there any news on when the stand will be available in Australia? The Wacom Australia store doesn’t appear to list it.

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Re: wacom stand

Postby tomatogoatee » Thu 8. Feb 2018, 19:09

I wrote a long review of the stand, but here's my tl;dr version:

It's nice, but not $100 nice. $60 is more reasonable, but I'd say $50 is the ideal price. There's nicer stands out there, but none that fit so perfectly. If you want the smaller footprint or less to carry around, then you should definitely get it. But if you've set up in a single location and don't really take your MSP out-and-about, then skip it. (The stand you already bought is very likely a lot nicer.)

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Re: wacom stand

Postby Bilboudo » Fri 9. Feb 2018, 21:35

Me too got this stand.
It's pretty good and well done but, apart the price, the bad thing about this stand is that's heavy: it's all metal and, although it's very solid, it's also pretty heavy and add a sensible weight to the already not so light MSP. If it would be made of plastic, probably it would be cheaper and light. But, as was said, it fit so exquisitely well to the MSP that is almost a must have.

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Re: wacom stand

Postby timecore » Sat 10. Feb 2018, 09:18

This is Wacom Italy's answer:

Il prezzo del Wacom Stand per la MobileStudio Pro (ACK627K) è $99 in US e €99 in Europa.
Al momento è presente una promozione nelle vendite negli Stati Uniti che ne riduce il prezzo d'acquisto.
Siamo consapevoli della differenza di prezzo tra le differenti regioni di vendita: questo è il risultato di ricerche di mercato dovute dalle differenze tra le regioni di vendita e quindi diverse decisioni di marketing. Siamo consapevoli che tutte le variazioni / differenze di prezzo che si verificano tra le diverse regioni possono creare frustrazione e delusione ai clienti che affrontano spese superiori.
Ci spiace se questo è il suo caso ma al momento non siamo in grado di fornire sconti o promozioni.
Non escludo però che questo potrebbe accadere in futuro.
La prego di contattarci nel caso avesse ulteriori domande o avesse bisogno di supporto.
Cordiali Saluti, *RP

English translation made by Google:

The price of the Wacom Stand for MobileStudio Pro (ACK627K) is $ 99 in US and € 99 in Europe.
At the moment there is a sales promotion in the United States that reduces the purchase price.
We are aware of the price difference between the different sales regions: this is the result of market research due to the differences between the sales regions and therefore different marketing decisions. We understand that all price variations / differences that occur between different regions can create frustration and disappointment for customers facing higher expenses.
We are sorry if this is your case but at the moment we are not able to provide discounts or promotions.
However, I do not exclude that this could happen in the future.
Please contact us if you have any further questions or need support.
Sincerely, * RP

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