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Crashing Photoshop when Tablet plugged in

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Crashing Photoshop when Tablet plugged in

Postby YunikoYokai » Tue 17. Jul 2018, 16:57

I'm having severe problems with my tablet, rendering using Photoshop (and especially wireless) very dangerous for my work. If I have photoshop open and turn my tablet on (wireless or wired), it will freeze photoshop. Because the tablet turns itself off after a period of no use, I cannot use wireless for fear of it turning off and then I have to close Photoshop to preserve my work. It started happening about 2-3 weeks ago.

Is there somewhere where I can report this to Wacom and try to get this fixed? I'm reaching the end of my rope here...

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Re: Crashing Photoshop when Tablet plugged in

Postby wacom1 » Wed 18. Jul 2018, 05:39

Did you update Photoshop, Windows and/or tablet driver recently ? If only Photoshop is freezing, but the tablet works on desktop and in other software, this maybe an issue in Photoshop. I would try turning off 'Windows Ink' in the tablet driver for testing. Photoshop is using Windows Ink to get pressure info from the tablet (so it won't use pressure in this testcase), but it could clarify, if the problem is in Photoshop, tablet driver or Windows Ink (which is part of Windows os).

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Re: Crashing Photoshop when Tablet plugged in

Postby YunikoYokai » Thu 19. Jul 2018, 08:30

It froze my computer once (hard restart required), I've not actually tried using my tablet when this happened so i can't say if it was still working (always went back to my mouse when it happened). I've reverted to an older driver and the problem stopped, so it's to do with a Wacom driver I think. Windows 10 did update recently (albeit about a month ago), but with the old driver still working with no problems, I'm not sure it's a Windows 10 problem (Windows 10 Version: Home [10.0.17134 Build 17134]

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