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Cintiq Pro to Windows laptop with usb-c connection

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq Pro to Windows laptop with usb-c connection

Postby sannila » Thu 26. Jul 2018, 17:43

Hi, I'm having trouble connecting my Cintiq Pro 16 to my PC laptop. I'm using the usb-c cable that came with the Cintiq, and a usb-c/thunderbolt port on my Dell xps 9570. I have updated the drivers and everything Windows wanted to update.

In Windows, the device is listed in the audio devices instead of as an external screen. The Wacom software doesn't recognize it at all. I can see the mirrored screen on the Cintiq, so I don't think it's about the cable or port, but more just a Windows problem. The pen doesn't work even though the screen has the mirrored image. If I use a usb-c hub (without thunderbolt) in between the port and the cintiq cable, the Wacom software recognizes the Cintiq, but on the Cintiq screen it says there is no connection.

I have reinstalled the driver several times, restarted the laptop several times, tried to remove the device from the sound device list... Nothing happens.

I have also tried using the Cintiq with the Wacom link on an old iMac and it worked (no 4k though). But the PC doesn't have a mini display port, and anyway, the usb c should work. Very frustrating! Can anyone help?

EDIT: I added a mini displayport - usb-c adapter to the Wacom link, and that makes the Cintiq sort of work. Sort of. The pen works, and I have the image on the screen. But, Windows still treats it as an audio device and can't detect another screen, so I'm only getting mirrored screen instead of two screens side by side. Also, the 4 cables and two adaptors I'm using now is such a terrible, clumsy alternative to the one cable that SHOULD work by itself. Also, I'm only getting HD quality image, because it's just mirroring the HD screen of my laptop. And then, an insufferable lag that makes working impossible for me. So very, very, frustrating! Do I really have to sell my new Dell and get back to using a Mac?

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