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27QHDT Cintiq won't sleep

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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27QHDT Cintiq won't sleep

Postby alen655321 » Wed 26. Sep 2018, 16:23

Hello! I've had an ongoing issue where my 27QHD touch Cintiq will not go to sleep on it's own, despite my energy preference setting on my Mac.

Has anybody else had a similar situation occur where the Cintiq will prevent your computer from going to sleep?

I appreciate any input/suggestions!


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Re: 27QHDT Cintiq won't sleep

Postby wacom5 » Thu 27. Sep 2018, 08:15

Is the Mac going to sleep but the Cintiq stays awake or the Mac doesn't go to sleep at all? Normally the Cintiq should go to sleep automatically if it doesn't receive any video signal after a some seconds. If your Cintiq is not going to sleep it might mean that it is still getting a video signal form the Mac.

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Joined: Wed 26. Sep 2018, 16:18

Re: 27QHDT Cintiq won't sleep

Postby alen655321 » Thu 27. Sep 2018, 20:01

The Mac does not go to sleep at all. It'll just stay on the screensaver. What's interesting is when I turn the Cintiq off, my mac's display will go to sleep on it's own, like normal. It's as if there's something with the Cintiq or the driver itself that is causing the Mac to stay awake...

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