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SOLVED : Wacom Cintiq 13HD "No input signal" - HDMI compatibility issue

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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SOLVED : Wacom Cintiq 13HD "No input signal" - HDMI compatibility issue

Postby stixulet » Thu 15. Nov 2018, 20:23

SOLVED: as alway we just have to fix it ourselves...they just sell and make profits. Yes , it was a HDMI compatibility issue between Cintiq and 2 HP ENVY laptops. How they manage to do it , beats me...If u buy a laptop and a wacom tablet and spend over 2k , they will tell you "of course it is going to work, you have hdmi ports on both , just connect them"...Easy, yes ? Not really !
Anway , the solution it was to buy on Amazon 4 different HDMI splitters , different brands. From 4, i got 2 that solved the problem instantly. Just place them between laptop and tablet. Laptop output , tablet input. the ones that worked are really cheap, like 7 or 8 euros each. And they did the job ! Thanks


i've got 4 notebooks : 2 older ( hpdv7 and Acer) and 2 newer model ( envy 360 touchscreen and envy 17 j000eb )

Also i've got a Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet . My problem is that , with the older laptops the tablet works perfect ( so it is not a faulty tablet ! ) but with the newer ones i get black screen on my tablet and a messege "no input signal" and it is not detected as a secondary display ! the HDMI ports on both new notebooks are working also because i have them connected to 2 TV's and they are working just fine ! no faulty hdmi !

So : i've got a working tablet and 2 working notebooks but i can't make them work together !!! Black screen on tablet, not secondary display on laptops ! Not a driver problem because the tablet does'nt need a driver for the display . Remains only the compatibility between the HDMI's...

But how is this my fault ? or any other comsumer's fault ? IT IS NOT!! where are the infos about the hdmi port ? nowhere! if you reed the specs , u will only see : 1 HDMI port . Yes but what version ? What version of HDCP ( antipiracy protection )do you use ? How do u expect the normal guy to know if the product they are buying (and they are not cheap !) is going to work like it is supposed to ?

How do i solve the problem ? what do i have to do ? any ideea ? thank you
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Re: Wacom Cintiq 13HD "No input signal" - HDMI compatibility issue

Postby wacom5 » Fri 16. Nov 2018, 08:57

The Cintiq 13 input is HDMI version 1.3 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#Version_1.3
We already know that the hardware is working fine.
Please check the specs of the video card / mother board of your new computers. Make sure everything is fully udpated. I suspect this might be a simple configuration issue.

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Re: Wacom Cintiq 13HD "No input signal" - HDMI compatibility issue

Postby stixulet » Fri 16. Nov 2018, 15:54

thank you for your answer. Yes , hardware it's working

I dont think it's a configuration problem because when i unplug the Cintiq hdmi cable from my laptop and i insert the tv hdmi cable , plug and play , tv shows desktop and is recognised imediatly as second display. I shut down computer , insert Cintiq cables , start computer, Cintiq shows black screen with messange "no input display" but the pen is acting like the mouse even with the black screen. Unplug Cintiq, plug in the TV , starts working instant , no config issue.
My graphic drivers are absolutely up to date , no issue there.
my older notebooks (working with the Cintiq) they have only one gpu Nvidia. my newer ones (not working with Cintiq) they have Intel HD (4600 and 5500) and one dedicated Nvidia (GeForce GT 740M). The HDMI port on laptops it is run by Intel HD, no way to change it to Nvidia gpu. If i disable the Intel gpu the tv goes black and it is not recognised anymore as second display , the Nvidia does not take charge of the HDMI port !
Hardware working , drivers up to date, no configuration issue, but missing the video signal on Cintiq !
From what i know the envy hdmi version is 1.4 (but i am not sure, difficult to find the info ), and in my opinion it is a compatibility issue between the HDMI's . There is no coincidence that 2 laptops from the same family are not working with the Wacom Cintiq 13HD !
Any ideea what can i do to make them work ? maybe a hdmi splitter ???
thank you

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Re: SOLVED : Wacom Cintiq 13HD "No input signal" - HDMI compatibility issue

Postby gmaitland73 » Fri 15. Nov 2019, 14:13

What splitters did you get? I'm having the same trouble. Lenova thinkpad and wacom cintiq 13 worked fine for a year and a half, then i get this "no input signal" display. Sent the wacom in - it's fine. ALso tested it on my sister's computer - works fine. Laptop HDMI port works fine with other devices - smart tv, other monitors,etc. Just not with the cintiq anymore. I got a cord to connect the laptop to the wacom via the usb-c port but that didn't work. any suggestions on what splitters to get would be helpful.

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