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Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Postby satoer » Fri 16. Nov 2018, 12:26

Finally after 4 years waiting the 32inch 4k Cintiq pro finally came out. Just before I want to order it I looked at some reviews of the 24. Turns out the 24 pro has a loud fan inside it? What’s up with that? Why does it need a fan. My other 4K monitors and Wacom tablets don’t need a fan. Even my old Cintiq is silent.

I hate fan noise, especially those small laptop blowers. I have a completely silent workspace. The heavy desktop computers I work with, are all in a separate room. Does the 32 Cintiq pro also has a fan? Is it hearable on 100% brightness? This would be such a bummer.

Does the new 4K Cintiq pro 32 has a build in fan?
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Re: Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Postby wacom5 » Mon 19. Nov 2018, 12:56

The Cintiq Pro 32 inch does have fans. The fans keep the device running at an ideal temperature. I have been using a Cintiq Pro 32 and I have not noticed any fan noise. We are working in a quiet office space. I am using the brightness setting at 92 to reduce eye strain but I'm sure I can bump it to 100 without hearing any fan noise. I can only hear some faint noise when I get my ear directly above the exhaust vents. Comparing to the Cintiq Pro 24, since this is a larger device, there is more space for air to circulate which seems to help keep the fans work to a minimum.

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Re: Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Postby PGross1 » Mon 19. Nov 2018, 23:40

I was worried about that too--but the noise is very minimal. I've only heard the fan come on twice--and both times it was when I wasn't even working on the Cintiq.

Weirdly, it does get warmest right in the center where you might work most. My 27 got warm up on top where I didn't use it much. It's nice now in cold Minnesota, but might be a little annoying on hot summer days.

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Re: Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Postby cocouacocoua » Wed 21. Nov 2018, 16:35

I had the cintiq pro 16 in my super quite studio and I had to return it because the fan noise, there was a constant fan noise running and a whistle when heavy fan workload, brightness never at 100% but around 80-90%

I work with a Macbook pro, and fan noise of the cintiq was louder and constant, pretty sure because the fan is much closer to your head than the macbook, anyway, the problem was there, I dont know if the extremely thinnes of the product makes the need of the fan, or is just something you can't avoid from a technical POV... on the other hand you have the iPad Pro, which is thinner than a pen, it has a SOC and a battery inside and the pen behaviour is outstanding... fanless, acceptable temperature to work long hours...

I guess there should be something in between

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Re: Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Postby moghyukon » Tue 8. Jan 2019, 08:28

I have a 32" running at 75 Brightness an the fan noise is noticeable, more on the annoying side of tones!

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Re: Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Postby wacom5 » Tue 8. Jan 2019, 09:02

moghyukon wrote:I have a 32" running at 75 Brightness an the fan noise is noticeable, more on the annoying side of tones!
If you feel the noise is stronger than it should be, you should have the device checked. Please contact our support here: https://support.wacom.com

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Re: Cintiq 4K Pro 32 Fan noise?

Postby Dinomightkaroar » Fri 11. Jan 2019, 23:17

For what it's worth, if you run brightness at 10 or less there is no fan noise. WHOOP-DEE-DOO!

I'd say leave the brightness from 0-10 when you're not really relying on the screen for a heavy project, and when you're ready to grind at a big image, turn the brightness up and deal with the fan for a few hours.

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