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6.3.20-8 Wavy lines but not 6.3.18-4 in Sierra

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
Posts: 12
Joined: Fri 23. Dec 2016, 23:03

6.3.20-8 Wavy lines but not 6.3.18-4 in Sierra

Postby goddard » Fri 20. Jan 2017, 10:29

Hey Wacom, if this wavy line is an Apple issue, why does 6.3.18-4 not produce wavy lines in Sierra on my 2013 Mac Pro?
Please look into this!
6.3.20-8 Has wavy lines but fixes sticky modifier keys
6.3.18-4 Has sticky modifier keys but no wavy lines

Posts: 15
Joined: Wed 4. Jan 2017, 20:53

Re: 6.3.20-8 Wavy lines but not 6.3.18-4 in Sierra

Postby maxforward » Sat 21. Jan 2017, 02:47

yes I had this exact problem too on my MSP 16!
18-4 fixed the wavy lines, but brought with it horrible sticky buttons made it unusable. Seems weird that wacom says wavy lines are due to apple, when 18-4 had this particular issue fixed.

NOTE: We are aware of an issue which causes wavy lines when using the pen on macOS 10.12. This is an Apple issue and we are currently working with Apple to resolve it.

Hopefully this fix is coming very soon! this bug is horrible and people who rely on clean lines to make a living are suffering from it.

Posts: 1
Joined: Wed 25. Jan 2017, 16:12

Re: 6.3.20-8 Wavy lines but not 6.3.18-4 in Sierra

Postby jessied333 » Wed 25. Jan 2017, 16:20

I am working on a 21ux Cintiq and also updated the driver to 6.3.20-8 and am still experiencing wavy lines as well when I draw slow but when I draw fast it is not an issue but this doesn't help because my cintiq is still unusable for me. I spent time emailing a Wacom tech support and they said the newest driver should have fixed he wavy line bug but clearly it did not and they know this seeing as in the PDF notes under the driver download the wavy line issue is listed as still being a problem that they are working with "apple" to fix? I have tried backtracking to older drivers with no luck at solving this issue. It would be nice to get a new driver to solve this issue quickly.

Posts: 1
Joined: Wed 25. Jan 2017, 21:25

Re: 6.3.20-8 Wavy lines but not 6.3.18-4 in Sierra

Postby Rianhughes » Wed 25. Jan 2017, 21:29

6.3.20-8 DOES NOT fix sticky modifier keys.
Just tried - second or third click, my window minimises as if I'd double-clicked.

Posts: 7
Joined: Thu 26. Jan 2017, 03:50

Re: 6.3.20-8 Wavy lines but not 6.3.18-4 in Sierra

Postby embe2020 » Thu 26. Jan 2017, 18:45

Same thing..6.3.18 works fine for the wavy lines...
Wacom really needs to step up the game here, bug fixes please, get this software working properly!

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