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Intuos 2 killed by Windows 10 Update

Everything related to drivers
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Intuos 2 killed by Windows 10 Update

Postby hoofhearted » Sun 22. Sep 2019, 18:03

I've not been able to use my Intuous 2 for a year now. It stopped working after a windows 10 update.

In Device Manager, it is not listed in the HID section. All I see is an entry in the USB Controllers section. "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed". I've tried several different driver versions. I've even tried a Windows 7 version and the Original driver CD which shipped with the tablet 14 years ago.

Is there any way that I can manually update the driver for this unrecognised device? Or does anyone have another suggestion?

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Re: Intuos 2 killed by Windows 10 Update

Postby wacom6 » Mon 23. Sep 2019, 13:26

The last driver for this device is Driver 6.2.0w5 (Windows XP, Vista, & 7) http://cdn.wacom.com/U/drivers/IBMPC/pro/WacomTablet_6.2.0w5.exe

Any newer Driver is not compatible with this device! You can also try to Install the Driver in Windows Compatibility Mode.

Please keep in mind that your device is already 14 years old and the chance is very high that the old driver is not compatible with the latest Windows 10 anymore. Therefore you may should consider to think about a new Intous Pro. If that is an option for you and if you are based in Europe please contact our support directly: https://www.wacom.com/en-de/support/contact-support


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Joined: Sun 22. Sep 2019, 17:45

Re: Intuos 2 killed by Windows 10 Update

Postby hoofhearted » Thu 26. Sep 2019, 19:10

Thanks for the reply. I installed the driver you suggested, but I still get the same behaviour. I tried installing in compatibility mode also. I think my problem is currently a level deeper than the driver. It's quite simply that the tablet is not being recognised in Device Manager. It''s still listed as an unknown USB device. I could manually assign a driver if I knew the name of the driver required.

Yes if all else fails I will upgrade to an Intuous Pro despite my tablet only being 14 years old. I'm not giving up just yet though.

It would be great if I could find out which device driver to use in Device Manager.

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