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Art Pen shows no rotation cursor

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Art Pen shows no rotation cursor

Postby Exoskeleton1994 » Fri 29. Nov 2019, 10:14

Hi everyone

I recently purchased a brand new Imac(OS Mojave 10.14.6) to replace my previous one which died after 7 years of good labor.
As a a professional illustrator I use daily a Cintiq DTk-2100 (21 UX) and/or an Intuos PTK-840 with an Art Pen. This combination worked perfectly fine with my previous computer but now I have a very annoying issue : the Art Pen doesn't show the barrell rotation of my brush although the tool perfectly rotates which makes the pen quite... useless !
Here's a video of what I'm talking about : [bbvideo]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veG_mxhZq5w&feature=youtu.be[/bbvideo]

- I noticed that the problem has started with the latest verions of PS from CC2019 whereas CC2017 and CC2018 support barrel rotation.
- Of course, I tried desinstalling/reinstalling drivers, older drivers, I activated all the authorizations of the system preferencies, tried with a new admnistrator account etc etc ... nothing changed.
- I spent almost 4 hours online with a tech form Adobe who took control of my computer but didn't manage to fix it.
- The Wacom European support center did not either
- I tested Corel Paint and the barrell rotation is ok.

It's safe to say that this whole thing has took me a loooot of time and is a really pin in the ass.
Am I the only one using an Art Pen with a Mac ??

There's also something weird, the Wacom Desktop Center has never recognized my devices although I perfectly can use and set them.

If a genius is around and find a solution, I'll be forever grateful !
Thanks a lot

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