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Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby Macbea » Thu 19. Dec 2019, 12:39

How can I connect my wacom Intuos 3 PTZ-630 to Mac OS Catalina??

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Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby wacom5 » Thu 19. Dec 2019, 14:49

Intuos 3 is not supported after Mac 10.11
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Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby ecphtqns » Wed 22. Jan 2020, 15:24

Wacom - I'm using multiple Intuos 3 tablets up to Mac 10.14.5 with an older driver. 6.3.15-2
Obviously it can be done, the hardware still works. Why not update the newer drivers for Intuos 3 users?
I don't want to buy a new tablet, everything works the way I want it on the 3 series. The possibility of a company locking out your perfectly good hardware with software isn't very customer friendly.

An issue I'm having now though - I cannot map the Photoshop brush sizes control in the newest version to the Touch Strip. All tablet functions work fine in any previous PS version so I'm not sure if the old Wacom driver is the issue.

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Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby lardnicus » Sun 1. Mar 2020, 05:23

My Intuos 3 is working fine in 10.15.3 Catalina, although the control panel kinda crashes, but I can get pen mode working, and configure the buttons...

All I had to do was enable it in:

System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Input Monitoring
System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Accessibility

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Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby thenickdude » Sun 8. Mar 2020, 03:16

I've posted a fixed version of the "Wacom Tablet" preference pane for Intuos 3 tablets which solves the crashing issue when trying to adjust tablet settings on Catalina:


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Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby akubik2013 » Sun 8. Mar 2020, 19:47

I'm trying to use my Intuous 3 on Catalina 10.15.3

I've just uninstalled all Wacom drivers. Deleted all Wacom files. Installed WacomTablet_6.3.15-3 installed your patch, followed all steps and: "A supported tablet was not found on the system".
Tablet is connected, when I try to use the pen it works on a tiny portion on the screen, which I assume means the hardware works fine.
Was your patch tested with Intuous or Bamboo only?
I'm baffled to hear that some users can use their tablets, mine is just not recognised...
ANy help HIGHLY appreciated!

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Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby thenickdude » Mon 9. Mar 2020, 08:18

My 6.3.15-3 patch was tested with a single Intuos 3 (make sure you installed this patch and not the v5 one for Bamboo).

However it doesn't aim to fix any 'supported tablet not found' issues - it only fixes the specific issue of the preference pane crashing when anything on it is clicked on.

My ability to find issues with the Intuos 3 driver is very limited because I don't own an Intuos 3 myself. If you open up the "Console" app, check the Crash Reports tab and see if you find anything recent there mentioning your tablet, if so this provides rich information I can use to hunt down and fix bugs in this driver. If not, it's very hard for me to figure out what's going wrong with your tablet.

EDIT: Thanks to somebody providing a crash report, I was able to fix a bug where if you had ever installed Wacom's latest driver, that driver writes a new-format preferences file which causes the old Intuos 3 driver to crash on startup. This triggers a "supported tablet not found" message. My newest fixed Intuos 3 driver now cures this problem, but you can also fix it by using Wacom Utility to remove the Current User and All User preferences and rebooting.
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Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby Beat76 » Mon 23. Mar 2020, 00:08

I believe I found the right driver combo for akubik2013 issue...regarding the "supported tablet not found"....after what seems like 100 different driver downloads...I finally ended up downloading 6.13.17-5 followed by the patch that "thenickdude" and my tablet seems to be recognized and does not crash when messing with the settings.

I hope this helps

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