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Clipart Studio Pro Issue

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Clipart Studio Pro Issue

Postby koburachan » Sun 9. Feb 2020, 10:14

Hey I have been scrolling through the internet for help with this issue I have been having with the software program called Clipart Studio.

I'm currently using a Inutos Pro which I purchased less then 6 months ago. And my Laptop is currently a Windows 10 and fully updated. I'm also using the latest Clipart as well to help.

My issue isn't the lagging or the off set which seems to be the main issues people are getting. My issue is a littler....different.

Often when using the pen if I am drawing and I move the pen off the tablet and hover my pen over to move, it is still constantly drawing a line. The pressure is even there as well but its as if I still have the pen pressed on the tablet and gently applying a small touch of pressure even though the pen is off the tablet. This even happens 20 cms away from the tablet it still picks it up.

I also have the issue of sometimes not being able to move off canvas. I've tried back and forth editing and changing up the preferences but it does absolutely nothing.

When I have moved the pen off canvas and go to the layers or anywhere, its like it gets stuck or is pressed on the tablet and drags layers or keeps seeming to get stuck on the scroll side bars. I'm not sure why. I have changed the pen tab once and I'm wondering how this is still happening. I have never had issues until 2 months ago. Does anyone know why, could it be the pen its self or the tablet? Its certainly not a software issue as far as I can see.

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Re: Clipart Studio Pro Issue

Postby wacom4 » Mon 10. Feb 2020, 06:44

Can you see the behavior with other software that is pressure sensitive?
Did you test your tablet with the driver diagnostics? See https://www.wacom.com/en-gb/support?guideId=001-668 for a full description.
In case it is an issue with the pen or tablet, please use the contact means on the article to get technical support.

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