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Cintiq 24HD and dead pixels

Cintiq 24HD and dead pixels

Postby Maso » Wed 29. Aug 2012, 11:48

I've had my Cintiq for a week now and it already has 2 dead pixels. The Cintiq was perfect when it arrived but after only 3 days of use a single 'dead pixel' appeared in the middle of the screen. I was annoyed at first but figured a tiny dot wasn't the end of the world. Another 2 days went by and I find another dead pixel!

To be honest, 2 dead dots on my screen isn't worth being upset over but what annoys me is how FAST they're appearing. Am I expecting to lose a single dot every couple of days?

Has anyone experienced this problem?

Please if the pixels stop dying after 2 I'll be satisfied. :(
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Re: Cintiq 24HD and dead pixels

Postby Wacom » Thu 30. Aug 2012, 11:21

I am not sure, what that problem is. The pixels are controlled by tiny transistors and these do not just suddenly fail. It is possible that some of several million transistors fail during production, but then that situation remains. And since one pixel consists of several colored subpixel, one faulty transistor would result in one colored pixel, but it wouldn't be completely dead. - It could be that a pixel gets somewhat darker, that some dust appear outside on the screen (or behind the glass at the boarders if the glass is not properly sealed).

Check if you see these spots also with the screen turned off. That would indicate dust. Otherwise I suggest to take some photos with white, black, blue, green and red background and send that to our support for checking (
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