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Very bad experience with wacom

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Very bad experience with wacom

Postby robertoliberati » Fri 10. Nov 2017, 07:24

I wanted to buy a studio mobile pro 512 gb 16 gb ram,
for "three" times wacom sends me a broken object:

scratches on the body.
Monitor with problems (dirty inside).
broken internal cooling fans (very noisy).
sofware artec ", pre installed.
wacom contacts me saying that he is willing to solve the problem.
but then tells me that:

scratches? they are normal (i really do not know what they mean by: "normal")
and the artec software is preinstalled only in the latest versions of "mobile studio pro" (official communications say the opposite)
"link to official article": ... Studio-Pro
also the installed version and the 11 while the last is 12.

and for all the other problems he says nothing, it just never happened.

after these statements by a wacom italy manager,
after a month and a half that this bad thing has gone on
I decided for the refund (obviously not the disturbance and the damage suffered)
and not to buy more from wacom

when buying a "mobile studio pro" always check:
"normal scratches" in the left area of ​​the buttons
and if the "old software" artec is preinstalled
thanks wacom "maximum reliability"

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