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Bamboo CTH-460, pen stopped working

Bamboo CTH-460, pen stopped working

Postby mati-bor » Wed 22. May 2013, 20:39


Pen in my Bamboo CTH-460 stopped working, tablet itself responds perfectly for touching, but not for the pen (both sides), also LED never responds for pen (not changing color etc.) Any ideas what could happened? How to fix it?

I have already tried to uninstall all drivers, plugging tablet into another usb port etc etc, nothing helped.


Im a bit angry, because my 24month warranty expired and buying new pen only will cost me almost as much money as the BRAND NEW Bamboo. I hardly disapprove this kind of marketing strategy.
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Re: Bamboo CTH-460, pen stopped working

Postby Wacom » Tue 28. May 2013, 08:39

Make sure that the tablet driver is running by opening the tablet properties panel. If that fails, the problem could be in the tablet or cable connection. You can try another USB port and remove the tablet settings with the preference file utility (Start menu -> Bamboo/Wacom). If the hardware and warranty has expired, a new tablet with pen is around 60 Euro and the pen only is available for 25 Euro. You may send it to our service center for checking, if only the pen is faulty.
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