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Pen trembling or is it my hand?

Pen trembling or is it my hand?

Postby FeathersOfFury » Fri 14. Aug 2009, 17:07

I've had my Bamboo Fun for almost a year now. And even after so long, I still cannot steady my hand. Now I wonder if it's the pen or it's just that my hand is very shaky. I'm really irritated by this trembling because I can barely draw a line much less a straight one. I first bought my tablet with excitement because a tablet meant I can finally draw properly on the computer. But this going on for months is not funny anymore. I really need help in this. Thanks.
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Re: Pen trembling or is it my hand?

Postby s12a » Mon 17. Aug 2009, 00:29

Try drawing freehand lines constricting the pen movement with a ruler on your tablet.
Are the lines you drawn still shaky? If yes, there may be a form of electromagnetic interference near your tablet. You need to move them away from the tablet, or the tablet from them.

Also, what operating system are you using?
When I was using Linux my Intuos4 despite being far from any interference source I had trembling lines. The cause were the semi-official Linux drivers. Problem solved by installing Windows and using official drivers (unfortunately... if it wasn't for this I'd still be using Linux).
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Re: Pen trembling or is it my hand?

Postby jdr09 » Fri 2. Oct 2009, 14:02

I used to have the same problem. I connected my tablet through a USB HUB (which was powered BTW). I discovered that plugging it directly into my laptop solved this problem. If this does not work, perhaps you can try removing other USB devices.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Pen trembling or is it my hand?

Postby Wacom » Mon 5. Oct 2009, 09:08

If you hold the pen in tablet proximity without moving - for testing you might use the pen stand - the pointer on screen should not move. If it jitters, there can be interference from external radiation, from electric 'noise' on the USB connection or from some software. The tablet driver uses some algorythms to smooth out instabilities and some application software also use smoothing routines. - First move the tablet around and try different locations as well as different USB connections. Interference from external radiation depends on the distance and the frequency. If there is no difference at all, I would try different computers and different rooms as well. - If you can locate the origin of the disturbance, they might be a simple solution by changing for example the frequency of a CRT monitor refresh rate or WiFi channel. It can also help to put a sheet of metal between the device and the tablet.
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