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Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
Posts: 29
Joined: Fri 12. May 2017, 16:56

Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby cocouacocoua » Wed 2. May 2018, 18:38

well, we have several 4K screens at office and none has fans, retina macbooks are 2880x1800, not far from 3840x2160, and screens are 15" super thin and quite cold, surface pro gen 5 is 13" , 2736 x 1824, again, not far from 3840x2160, AND it includes a real computer inside!! and has no fans!!!!

CP16 is 15" 3840x2160 and has 2 super noisy fans!! O_O something is missing in between.

there must be a middle point between the cold thin screens of SFP/rMBP and the super noisy thing of the CP16, there is only a 25% of extra pixels!!
OK, add an extra layer for the WACOM digitizer, then compare it with the super thin, no parallax and super cold iPad Pro!! which is 13" but again, do 25% size and resolution makes so so many difference?? or is something else? do you think if Apple would release an iPad Pro 15" it would have fans because it has 25% more pixels!!???

please, Wacom it's been far ahead from competitors in digitizer pens until a couple years ago, but many years behind competitors in screens quality, Micorsoft and Dells are working in new devices, and Apple, though in different target (real competitors imply real professional desktop apps), but iPad cylce is 18 months, Wacom devices 3-4 years, lets see what happens in 2 years from here.

Huion, Yiynova and so are still stuck with FullHD res as cheap market still there, HDMI 1.4 (4K30Mhz) even DVI are the main interfaces in the cheap market, which is the biggest, so it will need at least 2 years for those companies to come up with the "new" 4k60Mhz interfaces, we'll see then if fans are still something pen displays needs.

Posts: 28
Joined: Sun 25. Feb 2018, 03:29

Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby kangum » Sun 13. May 2018, 01:36

I have the Cintiq Pro 16 and I dont think the fans are too loud. Its a perfectly tolerable level honestly. If it helps keep my hand from turning into a sweaty mess im all for it.

Posts: 16
Joined: Wed 1. Mar 2017, 23:56

Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby xLunaPx » Thu 17. May 2018, 20:25

My 16 barely makes any fan noise, and a lot of people at our work have them, people do tend to overexagerate on the noise though, and videos are just mic's super up close making them sound 10x louder then they actually are at times. Wacom support does suck though and any changes won't be made to current gen, thats the norm that people learn to either accept or move over to another company, only then will things change. The 24 I worked with had minimum fan noise if there was nothing else going on in the room.

I'd say just swap it out for a different one in the event the fan wasn't mounted properly. Enough RMA's would get wacom to fix something possibly.

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Joined: Mon 21. Aug 2017, 17:23

Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby LogicBrain » Sun 19. Aug 2018, 16:08

The best joke of it all. Not only is the Fan noise out of control. So we have ZERO manual Settings to control it. There is a Built in Microphone to record the FAN noise too.

When I bought this Premium Display I did not expect to hear it that loud. Since I Record I feel like this is a plain unplanned joke to whoever designed this.

Yet again it worked out of the box and I am very happy with my new Display, but that fan noise is kill-

@wacom I really do hope that this can be converted into a Manual function. Let us see the Temperature and let us regulate the Speed Cycle. and please Do not put such Cheap Fans inside such a high quality Product. Work with "beQuiet" Next time if you really put fans inside the next build. Because this is pure awful ugly noise. I paid for a 10k Rig to have no Sound in my Studio and To top it of with a 100% Guarantee Quality check. What I get in return is a lousy fan noise is in my way of recording Properly.

Good job!

Please do something.

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