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Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby momosugus » Sun 19. May 2019, 21:15

Thanks for the info about the Cintiq Pro 24", it´s really dissapointing...

I have th 1st gen of the Cintiq Companion and wanted to upgrade my desktop with the Cintiq Pro 24", but as i can see Wacom continues selling unfinished products. I´ll wait to see if Wacom does it better on future generations of the Cintiq Pro, this one i´ll have to pass... too many complaints on the internet about the same issue, people can´t be wrong.

How is possible to pay so much for a premium product like this, and have these horrible uncomfortable issues...? C´mon Wacom, Youtube is full of unboxings and testers complaining about annoying the fan noise, are the testers of the company deaf? or you just don´t test them?

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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby wacom5 » Mon 20. May 2019, 13:23


We appreciate your feedback and honesty.
Just bear in mind that the unboxing and review were before the firmware update that addressed this was released. If you can still try the device and return it within the return period - see for yourself how you feel about it.
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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby cocouacocoua » Thu 23. May 2019, 15:04

I would really like to know about the fan noise after firmware, though I'm really skeptical about a firmware fix, as fan noise is revolutions dependent, firmware only can say the fans not to spin too fast, so maybe they won't fulfil their duties completely.

As I already bought and returned 2 Cintiqs, 16" Pro because fan noise and 16" because very cheap display quality, I tested 3 devices with same result, grey shadows at the edges, strong shadow at the right edge, I won't buy anyone more until some good reviews come out.

I had a Cinti 21 very happy with it, a 12WX, very happy, and now I have a 13"HD but I can't find a replace at all!! and I want, I really want.

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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby EnfantTerrible » Mon 3. Jun 2019, 07:44

I am want to upgrade my drawing equipment from an old Bamboo tablet and I consider buying the Cintiq pro 24 but when I read about the fans going on and of every 30th second that really puts me off.
I could probably live with a constant low fan sound but it seems from what I read here that the fans will turn on and off very frequently even with the low fan settings, is that correct?

If that is the case then maybe the cintiq 27qhd would be a better option for me.
Can the 27 still compete with the 24 pro?
Or would I just waste my money on an obsolete device?

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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby wacom5 » Mon 3. Jun 2019, 08:24

The fan noise was addressed with a firmware update. The only thing I can suggest is for you to test the device for yourself and return it if you are not satisfied.
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby hopphipp » Sat 8. Jun 2019, 13:07

Hi EnfantTerrible,
meanwhile I am disappointed and I can say: I lasted a long time.
There are definitely 2 levels of fan noise at my 24 Pro. And the second stage is so loud that it's nice to turn off the Cintiq.
I did't want to believe it was normal.

Unfortunately, one does not speak with a seller but only with the support. And this support first said that there is no sound at Cintiq. Then I should do some videos and then the Cintiq has been replaced.
The new Cintiq already had the firmware 1.0.5. installed and I reduced the fan speed and the brightness to 35%.
So with my device the conversion to the firmware 1.0.5 brought only a later starting the fan. The new device was just as loud. Unfortunately it does not help to reduce the resolution, so the screen does not work with 4K. The fan noise remains.
I should, after a new contact, make videos again. It should then be repaired. Before, the support never told me anything about the device having loud fans. After the repair it was said that the noise is normal.
I still could't believe it. Maybe it's my computer? The support said I should contact the supervisor. Unfortunately, he has not reported so far.

It is really sad. The Cintiq 24 Pro is otherwise a great device. The "first" fan level would be ok.
My recommendation: If you work with headphones and loud music every day, buy it.

I also consider buying a 27QHD.

It's even bigger (almost too big).
The resolution is only 2K (instead of 4K as the 24 Pro).
It will be a bit warm.

But: There is no fan noise.
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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby worldclock2017 » Sat 8. Jun 2019, 17:00

I have the 27QHD - it is perfect. No noise, and the display is just fine.

I was considering the 24" or even the 32" pro, but after finding out about the fan noise, there is no way I am buying those now.

I use voice recognition with photoshop, so I need my environment to be quiet. The fan noises will interfere with my webcam microphone, which means I would not be able to use voice recognition.

And also the price. I recently purchased an amazing 43" Toshiba 4K screen for my main display - for $349.

But a 32" Cintiq 4K is - $4299 + Tax = almost $5000.

How is a 43" 4K display sold for $349, yet a different 32" 4K display sold for $4299? Is it because it has pen input or something? Pen input is worth the extra $4000? Wow. There are no words, lol. I'll grab a nice, certified vehicle for that price instead.

Almost $5000 for a small 32" screen with loud fans screaming all day???

I was shocked when I saw that. I can't imagine those 32" Cintiqs are selling well, especially with those fans - no thanks.

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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby ROCOTTO » Thu 13. Jun 2019, 12:02

Much obliged to you such a great amount for this fix Wacom! Its MUCH calmer now, and doesn't turn out to be exceptionally hot either. Exceptionally valued!

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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby hopphipp » Mon 24. Jun 2019, 17:45

could you explain more exactly what is meant by "much calmer", please? Which hardware do you use? Which connection (HDMI, MiniDisplay, USB-C)?
My Cintiq is quit only in the first 6-8 minutes.Then the first noise level starts, after a few minutes the second level starts.
My settings: Firmware 1.0.5, low fan speed, brightness less 40%. And the cintiq isn't very warm. Hardware: MacBook Pro connected with MiniDisplay-Port.
The fan are running at level two. For me, the firmware 1.0.5 is unfortunately not a solution. :-((

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Re: Cintiq 24 Pro Fan Noise

Postby Groomedmonkey » Sat 26. Sep 2020, 11:48

I have a 24P and the fan noise is ridiculous. Even on "low" it's just horrible. USB-C or HDMI make no difference as it is nothing to do with that; it is a poorly QAed product that should not have made the market. I don't really see what the firmware has done except perhaps postponed the fans a little.

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