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screen settings not working

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Wed 26. Sep 2018, 21:10

screen settings not working

Postby AleXXi » Thu 25. Oct 2018, 18:45


I bought a wacom cintiq pro 16 UHD

ref : 1620A-EU

I use it in 4K with wacom link plus (display port + USB) on a macpro 2013 (cylinder) and with another 4K screen.

Macos 10.14.1

Everything seems to be ok except I can not open "Wacom screen setting" ("Parametres d'affichage Wacom" in French).

I have this error message:


In english = To use this app, please connect something compatible like a cintiq...

Do you know this problem,

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Re: screen settings not working

Postby wacom5 » Fri 26. Oct 2018, 10:32

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Joined: Wed 26. Sep 2018, 21:10

Re: screen settings not working

Postby AleXXi » Fri 26. Oct 2018, 18:26

Hi Thank you for your help,

I find the problem, I just need to shut down the 2nd screen....


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