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Problem with Screen of Cintiq 16.. flickering horizontal line.

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Problem with Screen of Cintiq 16.. flickering horizontal line.

Postby MinnaMi » Thu 29. Nov 2018, 21:01

Now I have been used "2" cintiq 16 pro.. The first one i got was from amazon warehouse and had to return it because the pen came broken and screen flickering when hoover the cursor right below 2/3 of the screen tall wise . Ok I returned it and buy a brand new one.

The new one arrived with an obviously ding on the top USB C port on the left and some small dings no the top and scratch on the right all around the edge between the glass and the body. and the No box damage or unsealed . Everything is in unboxing brand new condition with seals top and bottom. I wish I can upload photo here.

However, Both of them have these horizontal line screen flickering issue right the same spot. The size is about an inch wide and an inch tall. So, is it defect? Both of them?? It happens all the time when hooping the cursor to these area even on the background picture without program running.

Both of units that I had used are DTH 1620A EU manufactured in May 2018.

Please clarify me if the screen flickering is normal or defect. It's very obvious.Im quite disappointed. These is my first cintiq. Should I expect my replacement will have these issue?

Thank you very much for your time.

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Re: Problem with Screen of Cintiq 16.. flickering horizontal line.

Postby wacom5 » Fri 30. Nov 2018, 13:01

You should cross check all the cables and try with a different computer. It's extremely unlikely that you would see this in the exact same area with two different devices. If you are not able to find the source of the issue, please contact our support: https://support.wacom.com/
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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