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Cintiq 13HD Screen protector question

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Wed 1. Mar 2017, 12:03

Cintiq 13HD Screen protector question

Postby AmirPorat » Wed 1. Mar 2017, 12:48

Does anyone have a recommendation for a screen protector that fits the cintiq 13hd and has a similar feel to the original screen?
I like the way the screen feels right now, but I use the cintiq a lot and I've heard its easy to scratch it.
I also use the cintiq like a regular wacom for daily work on non drawing applications, which means I use it a lot more.


Posts: 3
Joined: Wed 1. Mar 2017, 12:03

Re: Cintiq 13HD Screen protector question

Postby AmirPorat » Thu 16. Mar 2017, 13:00


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Re: Cintiq 13HD Screen protector question

Postby Suekichi » Fri 17. Mar 2017, 14:36

Hi AmirPorat,

I bought my 13HD 3-4 years ago. I too looked for a screen protector to begin with, but ultimately decided against one. Finding one was a real choir, in and of itself, and I realized, even if I did find the right one, I'd probably never get it on right. I mean, a screen protector for a phone is one thing... an entire 13" screen is entirely another... (think stuck specks of dust and bubbles everywhere). Anyway, I decided against any screen protector. An here's what I've found: it doesn't scratch that easily. In fact, if you take good care of the screen, you shouldn't have any problems. I do have a couple of scratches, but they are the result of carelessness. They've occurred when I accidentally swung a shirt over the screen and I let the metal zipper do a nose dive onto it. An idiot move. But one lives and learns...

I bought a shit ton of pen nips too, because I was advised to, by the good people of Wacom, in order, to avoid eventual scratches that might occur from used, sharpened pen nips. But, even that, I've found to be unnecessary. I've tried using the same nip for months and nothing happened, no scratches. The screen simply does not scratch that easily. I regularly change nips though... might as well. I literally have a shit-ton of them.

The short of the long is: be alert and take good care of the tablet and you should be just fine.

Hope that helps.

regards, Suekichi

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