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Postby kangum » Wed 10. Jul 2019, 19:24

my wacom remote only feels magnetic on one side of the screen. there is no magnatism in the other side at all. is that normal? This is very frustrating. I had to wait close to 6 hours to sign for my package and now I might have to pack up everything and send it back. What’s even more frustrating is BHPhoto knew about it. I talked to BHPhoto and they assured me that their refurbished units were direct from wacom and not BHPHoto returns. I saw on reddit forum someone had purchased a unit from BHPHoto but had to return it due to no magnetic strip on the left side. Exactly 1 week before I got my unit with the same issue. BHPhoto sold me that guys return as a refurbished unit. What else are the chances we would both get a unit missing a magnet strip one new and one refurbished a week apart. I knew I should have bought directly from wacom this will be a huge hassle to pack up and send back because BHPhoto tried to pawn a used as refurbished off on me. So much for wacom certified retailer.

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Re: magnets

Postby wacom5 » Fri 12. Jul 2019, 07:25

This is not how it should work. Please contact your vendor. If you need further assistance, check with our support - https://support.wacom.com

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