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All tools acting as 'Move' tool in Photoshop on Mac OS

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All tools acting as 'Move' tool in Photoshop on Mac OS

Postby DanMed » Tue 6. Aug 2019, 11:30

I've just got off the phone to Wacom support about a reoccurring but intermittent issue I'm having with my Wacom Intuos PTH-660 and Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5 and photoshop.

After a while of using photoshop with everything working as it's supposed to my Wacom just gives up and all the tools respond as if I have selected the Move tool. For example I'll click on the paint brush tool, on my mac trackpad, everything is working as it's supposed to, then I pick up my wacom pen and move it over the tablet, as soon as this happened the cursor switches to a move tool.

I've seen that people have been posting about this since last year and nobody seems to have found a solution (including Wacom support!!). They offered a temporary fix of deleting the Wacom prefs every time this happens, which is obviously not ideal when you're really busy and have loads of work to get though. Also you then have to reset everything back to how it was before the mystery issue kicked in.

Presumably others have had this issue? Has anyone else found a better work around that deleting the prefs?

I can't understand why Wacom hasn't solved this issue yet??

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