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Bamboo pen and touch, pen upside down?

Bamboo pen and touch, pen upside down?

Postby Kiba » Thu 10. Jun 2010, 11:36

Hello, I have recently acquired my bamboo pen and touch tablet, but for some reason the pen is working "Upside down" when trying I try to draw in photoshop, which means that the pen draws with the eraser, and erases with the pen tip. Any ideas of what should be causing this?

Please note that I do have the newest driver software installed.
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Re: Bamboo pen and touch, pen upside down?

Postby Wacom » Thu 10. Jun 2010, 12:47

Is that only in one program ? For some applications the difference between pentip and eraser is only that the background color is used with the eraser. If you have swapped back- and foreground colors in the program it can look as if pentip and eraser functions are swapped.

When you use the eraser in a text processing program (Word, notepad etc), the pointer should change and indicate an eraser, while the pentip is the normal text pointer. If that is also swapped, something is wrong in the driver software or even in the hardware.
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