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Tablet changing active aria in Illustrator

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Tablet changing active aria in Illustrator

Postby Desnervt » Mon 26. Aug 2019, 13:55

Got a new problem since today. It worked before, but now I am only p...ed off, because I can not work as I should.

If I start Adobe Illustrator CS4 (WINDOWS 7), my Intous 2 is changing the active area.

If I had "monitor 1" before as settings, I can move less then 50% of the Illustrator window in horisontal way before the tablett comes to an end and in vertical direction I get about 2/3 of heights.

If I change settings to "all", I get about 80-90% of horisontal area and still about the same 2/3 heights of the illustrator window covered.

If I use other programms it looks fine, on Photoshop can I work as normal.

This happens if I have only "all applications" as settings as it happens if I create an extra setting for Illustrator, no difference.

As I change to illustrator as active window, the area is changed and my tablett "shrinkes" to a tablett that has not enough area to cover the whole Illustrator window.

Need quick help, have to do a jobb and this is more then just a small hurt in the bu... as the customer is not so patient to wait :-(


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