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FEATURE REQUEST: Please add touch mode to navigation

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FEATURE REQUEST: Please add touch mode to navigation

Postby SomeGuy » Fri 6. Sep 2019, 15:34


Ever since touch screens have become commonplace, my Wacom tablet has been more and more difficult to use. A good example is OneNote:
In the newest version of OneNote, the only way to pan the document is to touch the screen. Since my screen is far away, when using my tablet, this makes it unusable.

I therefore suggest the following addition to the driver. Under navigation add a new mode that simulates touch input. When this mode is active and the pen is pressed, the tablet will simulate that the screen is being touched and dragged. This will allow for panning in OneNote and other applications. You could also add a mode that works the same way, but sends two fingers, for applications where two fingers touch is used.

I don't know if this has any chance of happening, but it would be a big addition for me. I programmed my own proof of concept where holding a key on the keyboard makes the mouse act as touching the screen instead. It works perfectly. However, it only works when the tablet is not using the windows ink API, which kind of disabled the purpose. But you could make your driver temporarily disable windows ink, whenever this navigation was being used.

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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Please add touch mode to navigation

Postby wacom5 » Mon 9. Sep 2019, 09:24

I'm not sure which OS you are using so please clarify.
I am not able to replicate this in Windows, with the latest version of OneNote.

Generally, such commands as scroll will already be sent as touch gestures by the Wacom Driver. I checked with both Windows Ink enabled and disabled and using the pen setting Pan / Scroll, I was able to do it correctly in OneNote.

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