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Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
Posts: 17
Joined: Fri 14. Feb 2020, 01:53

Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby thenickdude » Thu 5. Nov 2020, 10:54

Unfortunately reinstalling it fixes nearly nothing automatically, because Catalina won't let the installer reset the permissions for you. Please try out the permissions troubleshooting steps from my readme instead.

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Joined: Wed 4. Nov 2020, 17:07

Catalina and Intuos 3 - HOW CAN IT WORK?

Postby rvcLosAngeles » Fri 27. Nov 2020, 03:15

I've installed the driver and checked the IOManager in privacy, but it still doesn't work. The pen tracks but the click doesn't work. It works for some reason on the eraser side, but not the main side.

What do I do?

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Joined: Tue 8. Aug 2017, 14:35

Re: Catalina and Intuos 3 - HOW CAN IT WORK?

Postby wacom5 » Mon 30. Nov 2020, 08:58

The IO manager was introduced with driver that is not supporting the Intuos 3. In fact, as already mentioned in other threads, the Intuos 3 is not supported in Mac OSX Catalina. I have merged your post into said thread so you can check the information and experience from other users.
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Posts: 1
Joined: Tue 1. Dec 2020, 01:00

Re: Intuos 3 PTZ-630 + Catalina

Postby JLoganbill » Tue 1. Dec 2020, 01:04

Just made an account to say thanks for the fix! I love my Intuos 3, even though it's older than dirt and the silver paint is wearing off the edge of my pen. I have a newer Wacom tablet and it just doesn't feel as responsive—I can never get it to work with me properly, you know? Anyway, your fix has saved my relationship with my trusty ol' tablet and I'm grateful you took the time to create it. Cheers!

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