Which "WILL" format is output by Inkspace?

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Which "WILL" format is output by Inkspace?

Postby eQuill » Sun 30. Aug 2020, 06:28

Which "WILL" format is currently output by Inkspace?

I exported a drawing from Inkspace in the "WILL" file format from my iPhone, sent it to my Window's computer (since Inkspace on Windows does not seem to have "WILL" as an output format) and then attempted to read it using the developer SDK tools for WILL SDK for Ink V3 (http://developer-docs.wacom.com/faqs/docs/ink-sdk-v3, specifically by loading it directly from the C# WPF demo application on https://github.com/Wacom-Developer/sdk-for-ink-wpf). The WILL file output by Inkspace failed to load in the library function Wacom.Ink.Serialization.Will3Codec.Decode with the exception message "FCC 'RIFF' expected!" which suggests that the WILL file currently output by Inkspace is not WILL V3 (or there is a bug in the SDK library function).

Unfortunately, the documentation on the V2 SDK does not seem to have as readily-available examples to try to get quickly up and running, so I wanted to confirm before spending a few hours heading down that path.

Problem I am Really Trying to Solve:

Ultimately, I am trying to get simple single vector path output from my Bamboo Spark without any adjustments for pen pressure. The SVG file currently output by Inkspace has 2 lines for every single pen stroke to adjust the apparent width based on the pen pressure and I just want a simple single line drawing without any adjustment for pressure. I could not see another way to accomplish this task with the current set of Wacom digital tools. However, if there is another way to accomplish this without developing my own custom application using a WILL SDK, I would much prefer that solution.

Also, if there is another Wacom product to accomplish this goal of translating actual on-paper drawings to digital vector representation without any line thickness adjustment for pressure, I would also be interested to learn more. The literature and videos I have observed for the Intuos Paper Editions do not give insight into this capability and appear to be more-or-less fancy versions of the Bamboo Slate that still interface primarily with Inkspace for storing/saving the digital copies of the paper drawings.

Thank you in advance for your response.

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Re: Which "WILL" format is output by Inkspace?

Postby wacom5 » Mon 31. Aug 2020, 08:49

That is a really specific question. I don't know how to help with this. It's probably better that you open a ticket with the Dev team: https://developer.wacom.com/developer-dashboard/support
You will need a Wacom ID account if you don't have one already.
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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Re: Which "WILL" format is output by Inkspace?

Postby florist » Wed 21. Oct 2020, 18:03

I came across you message by accident, I suppose you already fond a solution, but just in case:

There is into on the WILL format here: https://cdn.wacom.com/u/marketplace/INK ... t_Spec.pdf

And here is a small Python script converting a WILL file to a SVG file with the single stroke path that you want: https://github.com/ngmsoftware/will2svg

See you

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