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Bamboo Pen and Touch - pen problems!

Bamboo Pen and Touch - pen problems!

Postby Emmar » Sat 4. Sep 2010, 15:20

I recently bought a Bamboo Pen and Touch to replace my dying Graphire 4 tablet. The whole reason I bought the tablet was so that I could draw with it - but issues with the pen are making this impossible!

For a while the pen didn't respond to movements I made, only sometimes twitching an inch or so across the screen at random, though the red light showed correctly each time I was trying to use it; I adjusted the settings in the control panel, installed the latest tablet driver, and rebooted several times, but these had no effect. The pen only began to work as I went through the tutorial that came with the CD, and was perfect for use as a cursor.

However, when I tried drawing with it in the art programmes GIMP or MS Paint, the lines were wobbly and much thicker than they normally should have been. Also, the pen strokes kept forming straight lines even when I was trying to draw something curved etc. so that a circle would end up looking like a wobbly hexagon.

Has anybody else has these problems, and are there any solutions, or would I be better off with a different model of tablet if this one isn't intended for digital art? Thanks.
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Re: Bamboo Pen and Touch - pen problems!

Postby Wacom » Tue 7. Sep 2010, 11:25

Go to Start menu -> Bamboo/Pen tablet, run the tablet preference utility and remove the current users settings. This resets and restarts the driver. You should then be able to open the pen tablet properties panel and the driver should run fine. Some programs (like Gimp) can use the tablet pressure after configuration, programs like MS Paint not, however.

If the movement is still not ok, go to the properties panel, press Ctrl while selecting About/Info. This open a diagnostics panel, where you can check button states (perhaps a button is permanently pressed down ?) and pressure values reported from the pen. If that is fine, but the problems remain: check for files with the name wacom.dat, tablet.dat or pen_tablet.dat and remove them (might be left over from the previous driver installation), then restart Windows.
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