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Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

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Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Postby Sesamme » Sat 10. Apr 2021, 19:04

I'm on Mac OS High Sierra, Wacom driver 6.3.41-2
Many apps rely on the right-click as a second brush. For example TVPaint and Storyboarder use the right click as an Eraser brush when drawing.
A while ago I noticed, that when I hover my pen and press the side switch, it is immediately recognized as a click — which is kind of understandable, because it's supposed to right-click while hovering, but the problem is that this results in erased lines without touching the tablet. But it used to happen at minimum pressure, so the erased lines were almost unnoticeable, and with some brush settings in TVPaint even non-existent. However after some recent updates the Hover-click is recognized as a 100% pressure, which results in huge thick erased lines every time I press the right-click side switch over the board! Interestingly, as soon as I touch the tablet with the pen while still holding the side-switch, the pressure sensitivity works as normal, and I can continue holding the side switch and to erase with variable pressure.
Also if I set the pen to Click & Tap, it doesn't help either, because then when holding the side-switch, the pen loses pressure sensitivity alltogether and always works in 100% pressure. So it's impossible to control.
This is absolutely unacceptable behavior! TVPaint developers say that it's probably because of the Wacom driver architecture and since it's happening also in other software, I think that this is a serious overlook in the way the Hover-click works - it for sure is not supposed to be recognized as a 100% pressure!
I think many frustrated artists would be really happy if this problem was fixed...

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Re: Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Postby Sesamme » Sun 11. Apr 2021, 09:12

I can confirm that the problem is the latest Wacom Drivers.
Once I rolled back to an older driver (I rolled back to a really old one - 6.3.15-3) - everything became normal again.

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