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When MS Edge is updated to version 94 and then opened and interacted with a Pen display the computer will crash and give the “Blue screen of death.”
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Intuos S BT works fine in the pairing "session" but turns off after 5 seconds on subsequent "sessions".

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Intuos S BT works fine in the pairing "session" but turns off after 5 seconds on subsequent "sessions".

Postby thegiuce » Wed 14. Jul 2021, 16:13

I just purchased an Intuos S Bluetooth this past week, and have set it up on my Macbook Pro with MacOS Big Sur. My driver version is 6.3.43-3. I'm running into the strangest situation. I've also just replicated the exact same scenario on my old 2009 Macbook Pro running OSX 10.11 with driver version 6.3.37-3.

0. I delete the device from my list of paired bluetooth devices on my mac (if appropriate).
1. I turn on the device again. It tries to connect, but is rejected by my mac, and so goes into pairing mode. 
2. I pair the device with my mac via bluetooth again, as if it were a new device.
3. I use the device and it works fine during this first "session" once paired. The tablet does not turn off automatically.
4. I turn the tablet off. 
5. I turn the tablet back on again. 
6. The bluetooth light blinks fast as if trying to reconnect.
7. The tablet always successfully connects to the mac, showing up in bluetooth devices, and in the Wacom Desktop Center. The light turns solid blue on the device. 
8. After exactly 5 seconds of being connected, the tablet powers off again. 
9. I then go back to step 0, and can repeat the same repro 100% of the time. 

Has anyone run into this? Should I exchange the tablet? Or does this sounds like a software issue?

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Re: Intuos S BT works fine in the pairing "session" but turns off after 5 seconds on subsequent "sessions".

Postby isabellesk » Mon 18. Oct 2021, 13:53

I have exactly the same problem with my Intuos S BT. I unfortenatly don't have a solution. Have you solved the problem?

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