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Cursor pauses

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Cursor pauses

Postby benskoppel » Fri 23. Jul 2021, 06:01

I've been experiencing cursor pauses with the Wacom Intuos Pro in Big Sur 11.4 in combination with some latest versions of programmes.

When in Finder, if I click on an image and hit Space to view, there's a pause when the image opens and another pause when I hit escape to close.
In Photoshop 22.4.3 there's a pause when I switch in to the programme and a pause when I switch out of the program.
In Cinema 4D R24 there's a pause when I switch in to the programme and a pause when I switch out of the program. There are also cursor pauses when I open and close some window panes.

I've tried using the trackpad and don't experience these pauses, so I'm wondering whether this is a Wacom driver problem. I'm actually using 6.3.41-2, not the very latest driver because later versions seemed to have other issues in my experience.

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Re: Cursor pauses

Postby wacom5 » Fri 23. Jul 2021, 07:30


By cursor pauses, do you mean the cursor stops briefly responding to your movement with the pen?

In order to properly check this issue, can you please install the latest driver and if the issue persists, report to the customer support team with a video of the issue and the driver logs?
  • Log on to the computer as an administrator.
  • Click on 'Support' on the left of the Wacom Desktop Center, and then click "Driver logging"
  • Turn Logging on.
    Note: this creates a file on your computer to collect the diagnostic driver logs. The maximum size of these files is 100MB.
  • Next, please restart your computer and use the tablet and driver until the problem reappears.
  • After the problem occurs, please return to Driver logging via the Wacom Desktop Center.
  • Turn Logging off again.
  • Click the button to 'Package log files'. This saves a zip file to the desktop.
Please contact the customer support team with this zip file attached - https://www.wacom.com/support/contact-support
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